General Information

  1. Ensure that the mare arrives without hind shoes.
  2. All mares will be wormed on arrival.
  3. The Farrier will be called at regular intervals, if the mare requires attention this will be charged to the owner.
  4. Veterinary assistance and advice will be obtained at the discretion of the staff and will be chargeable to the owner.
  5. The account for fees will be presented on the mare’s departure and must be paid in full at that time.
  6. We suggest that mares are swabbed for Contagious Equine Metritis prior to arrival.
  7. All Mares will have an endometrial swab taken whilst in season unless accompanied by a relevant certificate of cleanliness.
  8. We suggest that mares are scanned for pregnancy before leaving the stud.
  9. Although not compulsory we recommend all mares are blood tested free from equine viral arteritis.
  10. Whilst every care will be taken, we advise that all mares be insured before coming to the stud. If not, they come at the risk of the owner.
  11. Optional veterinary package available.
  12. To qualify for the NFFR basis, all mares must have a positive pregnancy scan at a stage to detect a heartbeat, prior to leaving the stud, or if local return by arrangement.
  13. If your mare is visiting for insemination with shipped in semen, all paperwork and payments must be completed prior to arrival.
  14. If you are requiring semen shipped to your inseminating veterinary surgeon or technician all paperwork and payment must be completed prior to shipping.

Our Fees

At Grass:

  • Barren or Maiden Mare £10.00 per day
  • Mare with Foal at foot £15.00 per day


  • Barren or Maiden Mare £20.00 per day
  • Mare with Foal at foot £25.00 per day
  • Foal down fee £250.00
  • Groom fee £10.00

VAT: Will be charged at the current rate where applicable.

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